Discover your potential through one-on-one sessions, or become a qualified practitioner with a ThetaHealing Master.
Jenner Miller
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Theta Freedom

Theta Freedom® is a ThetaHealing practice based in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.


The ThetaHealing® Technique is a leading-edge healing technique that removes negative blocks to allow you to be healthier, happier and more fulfilled.

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Classes & Sessions

Experience the benefits of the ThetaHealing technique through a class or one-on-one healing sessions


Qualification classes are also available to become a practitioner yourself.


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Jenner Miller in Dubai
Jenner Miller

As one of Australia’s few ThetaHealing Masters in Australia, I am a highly qualified and experienced practitioner.


I have been seeing clients and teaching classes since 2006.


Read more about my background and qualifications.

Upcoming classes



Basic DNA

Next Basic DNA course:

  • 19, 20, 21 August 2022

Learn to develop and connect with your intuitive and healing capabilities. 


This hands-on course teaches the basics of the ThetaHealing® Technique, including how to enter theta brainwave state, how to remove negative beliefs and emotions that limit and sabotage us, and how to replace them with positives.

* * *

Find out more about the Basic DNA course, or contact me to register.

Advanced DNA
Theta Healing class Melbourne Theta Freedom

Next Advanced DNA course:

  • 8, 9, 10 October 2022


Build on the Basic DNA course and further your development as a ThetaHealing Technique practitioner. 


Further enhance your intuitive abilities. Clear more blocks  affecting your healing abilities and your life. You will learn hundreds of new and positive feelings, such as knowing how to live in the now or what self-acceptance feels like.

* * *

Find out more about the Advanced DNA course, or contact me to register.

Dig Deeper

Next Dig Deeper course:


  • 18, 19, 20 November 2022


Gain a deeper understanding of the important Theta Healing process of 'digging'. Learn how to 'dig' more effectively and confidently in this powerful, 2 day workshop.

This exceptional class focuses on 8 different approaches or shortcuts to digging to the key core belief, and on important tips and techniques of digging.

* * *

Find out more about the Dig Deeper course, or contact me to register.