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Game of Life

Duration: 3 days


Prerequisites: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA Courses with a Certified ThetaHealing® Technique Instructor


Cost: $620, with $200 deposit


Business performance and success are largely affected by our beliefs - whether they are limiting beliefs or beliefs about success.


Develop more confidence, trust and certainty, and operate your business based on a belief in success rather than in limitation and lack.


The Game of Life course is based on real-life success cases and is designed to unite spirituality and business. Remove your specific limiting beliefs and instil hundreds of positive feelings and beliefs to help you achieve greater success in life and business (whether you work for yourself or someone else).


You will systematically work through the blocks that limit you, so you can play the game of life, instead of seeing life and success as a struggle.


The Game of Life course covers: 


  • a practical approach to belief work

  • freeing yourself from parental obligations

  • trauma release

  • social acceptance

  • handling peer pressure

  • receiving infinite abundance

  • growing your business the way you want

  • visioning and manifestation.


Get ready to succeed!


Contact me to find out when the next course is taking place, book your place, or find out more.

"Learning Theta Healing with Jenner is just the best.


I have done many healing courses in many modalities over the years. Finally I’ve found what I was looking for – Theta Healing!


It teaches you how to get to the heart of the problem and deal with the real issue underlying health and other problems. Jenner is a wonderful, thorough and caring teacher."

PB, Beaumaris

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