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Rainbow Children

Duration: 4 days


Prerequisites: None


Cost: $850, with $150 deposit


We all have intuitive abilities! The Rainbow Children course is designed to teach, develop and enhance both kids' and adults' psychic abilities, and it includes some of the information from the Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing® Technique courses. It is designed for Indigo and Rainbow children, their parents, caregivers and teachers or for anyone wanting to develop and improve their intuitive abilities.


The focus is on enhancing, validating and further developing your intuitive gifts and psychic abilities.


The Rainbow Children course covers: 


  • belief work, including clearing negative beliefs and blocks

  • how to teach positive beliefs to others

  • empathic readings

  • crystal readings

  • body and soul healings

  • guided meditations

  • future and guardian angel readings

  • crystal layouts and scrying.


Contact me to find out when the next course is taking place, book your place, or find out more.

Rainbow Children Theta Healing

"I was amazed to learn what is possible, and even more amazed to find myself able to do the healings and readings.


This is a great course and I recommend it highly. Do yourself a favour and enrol in this class!"


  - Leanne

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0431 740 165.

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