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Advanced DNA

Duration: 3 days

Location:  Ashburton, Melbourne


Prerequisites: Basic DNA Course with a Certified ThetaHealing® Technique Instructor


Cost: $620, plus $60 deposit


Next course: 16, 17, 18 August 2024


Register your interest here

Expand on what you learned in the Basic DNA course and take it to a higher level. Further your development as a ThetaHealing practitioner. 


Your intuitive abilities will be further enhanced and you will clear more subconscious blocks and obstacles affecting your healing abilities and your life. You will learn hundreds of new and positive feelings, such as knowing how to live in the now or what self-acceptance feels like.


This will accelerate your growth and bring profound healing and enlightenment. This is a fun course and very hands-on.  It is a great personal development course.


The Advanced DNA course covers: 


  • enhancing your reading and healing techniques

  • removing limiting beliefs

  • clearing old resentments and grudges

  • clearing limiting vows and commitments

  • releasing free-floating memories from surgery, trauma or abuse

  • soul healings

  • love to the baby in the womb

  • how to heal the heart

  • a deeper understanding of the seven planes of existence

  • connecting with your higher self

  • connecting with your ancestors

  • how to bend time

  • working on plants, crystals, businesses, houses, etc

  • hundreds of positive ‘downloads’ or teachings that will profoundly transform your life.


Contact me to find out more about the Advanced DNA course, or register your interest now (payment will be processed after confirmation).

Jenner Miller presents student certificate Basic Theta Healing course

'This is the best course I've ever done! Better than uni, better than anything!

I can't wait to do more classes with Jenner.'

K R, Glen Waverley

Enquire about this class using the form below, or call 

0431 740 156.

Thanks! Message sent.

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