Manifesting and Abundance

Duration: 2 days


Prerequisites: Basic DNA Course, Advanced DNA Course and Dig Deeper Course with a certified ThetaHealing® Technique Instructor.


Cost: $550 with $100 deposit


Are you living the life you want? If not, what is stopping you?


The hands-on Manifesting and Abundance course will help you identify and clear blocks to achieving your goals and dreams. Learn how doing simple things in your life will help you create abundance.

The Manifesting and Abundance course covers:


  • the 100 most common beliefs blocking your abundance

  • clearing blocks to abundance and achieving goals

  • receiving positive feelings to create your abundance

  • divine timing

  • remembering the future

  • daily routines to create abundance

  • making your life work for you

  • creating your future from the Seventh Plane.


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"Jenner is a great teacher and this is an amazing course – I loved it and got so much out of it. I was amazed to discover the blocks I had to manifesting my dreams.


How wonderful to be able to clear these blocks easily with Theta Healing. Jenner was very knowledgeable and patient."


  - Elisa

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