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About Jenner Miller

Hi, I’m Jenner Miller – founder of ThetaFreedom.


I am a qualified ThetaHealing® Technique Master, with a Certificate of Science in the ThetaHealing Technique. I have been seeing clients and teaching classes since 2006.


I discovered Theta Healing while trying to heal chronic neck and back pain, caused by a near-fatal head-on car accident 10 years earlier. I tried conventional medicine and then alternate therapies but failed to heal from the constant pain. I found that anything I tried only offered temporary relief (such as one day’s relief) from pain.


Then, in 2006, I discovered the ThetaHealing® Technique. I was amazed when my first session cleared about 80 per cent of the pain. I continued on, and the rest, as they say, is history.


I’d been interested in alternate healing for some time, so I became a Theta Healing practitioner and teacher myself, taking classes with the founder of the ThetaHealing Technique, Vianna Stibal.


As I cleared my negative beliefs and resolved issues, my whole life changed. I became happier, more confident and healthier. I was living life more and more the way I wanted it to be. Theta Healing also helped me resolve the enormous grief I experienced when my 14-year-old-son died.


I am passionate about the Theta Healing because I have personally experienced and seen the results. It effectively deals with the reasons for each person’s individual issues. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but can resolve all sorts of issues, such as health, relationships, money, career, phobias, addictions and many more.


I love to help others improve their lives too - through one-on-one sessions, and by teaching Theta Healing courses. It is wonderful seeing people I work with grow and develop their healing skills.


I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your healing journey!



I am a qualified a ThetaHealing Technique Master and have attained my Certificate of Science in the ThetaHealing Technique. I have the following ThetaHealing Technique qualifications:


  • Basic DNA

  • Advanced DNA

  • Dig Deeper

  • Disease and Disorder

  • DNA 3

  • Intuitive Anatomy

  • Rainbow Children

  • Manifesting and Abundance

  • Planes of Existence

  • Plant Seminar

  • RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight

  • Soul Mate Day

  • World Relations

  • Family Ties

  • Game of Life

  • Wealth Consciousness

Growing Your Relationships:

  • You and Your Significant Partner

  • You and the Creator

  • You and Your Inner Circle

  • You and the Earth


Other qualifications:

  • Reiki I and II

  • Bachelor of Arts

  • Diploma of Education

  • Diploma of Town and Regional Planning



I am a member of the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).


Theta Freedom is Melbourne based, however sessions are available wherever you are, by phone, Signal or Zoom or +61 431 740 156.

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Me, on the right, with ThetaHealing founder, Vianna Stibal.

Jenner certified theta healer

I am a Certified ThetaHealer and Teacher

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