Healing sessions

Duration: 60 minutes or 90 minutes


Cost: $140 or $170


Sessions available in person, or via phone, Zoom or WhatsApp.


What’s involved?

Bascially, one-on-one ThetaHealing® technique sessions involve talking.

ThetaHealing is used to deal with both health and emotional or 'life' issues, such as relationships, finances, addictions, weight issues, easing traumas and much more.

So first, we will discuss your health or wellbeing issue to identify the underlying subconscious cause(s).

Then, using the Theta Healing technique, we will resolve the issue on a deep level. Results are powerful and immediate.


What can I expect from a session?

Negative subconscious blocks and beliefs are cleared. You can expect to feel freer, more positive and optimistic.

After a session people generally find their problem has gone – they feel lighter, freer, calmer, peaceful, more positive and optimistic.


As one client remarked at the end of a session –‘I remember the problem I came in with, but now that’s all it is – just a memory. It’s no longer a problem for me.’


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Preparing for your one-on-one session

All you need to do before your ThetaHealing session is decide what you want to change in your life.​


ThetaHealing can improve all areas of your life, because it deals with the underlying causes.

You can choose a 60-minute or 90-minute session, in person or by phone, Signal, Zoom or WhatsApp – distance is not an issue. The first appointment is 1.5 hours.


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Receiving my ThetaHealing Master qualification.

"I remember the problem I came in with, but now that’s all it is – just a memory. It’s no longer a problem for me."


  - R, Oakleigh

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