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Basic DNA Course

Duration: 3 days


Location: Ashburton, Melbourne (in person only)


Certification: ThetaHealing® Technique DNA Practitioner


Prerequisites: None


Cost: $595 plus $60 deposit​


Next course: 22, 23, 24 November 2024


Certification: ThetaHealing® Technique DNA Practitioner


Register: Register your interest here



Anyone can learn Theta Healing!


In the Basic DNA course you will learn to connect with and develop intuitive and healing capabilities. 


In this hands-on course, you will learn the basics of the ThetaHealing® Technique, including how to enter theta brainwave  state, how to remove negative beliefs and emotions that limit and sabotage us, and how to replace them with positives. 


You can use the skills you learn for yourself, for friends and family. It provides personal growth and the building blocks to becoming a ThetaHealing practitioner.


 The Basic Theta Healing course covers: 


  • entering a theta brainwave state where you can achieve instant healings

  • the power of our thoughts and subconscious mind

  • developing and opening your psychic senses

  • how negative thoughts affect our health and wellbeing

  • removing negative thoughts and beliefs, and replacing them with positives

  • aligning your energy field

  • scanning the body for illness

  • removing radiation from the body

  • healing yourself and others

  • group healings

  • muscle testing

  • finding the key beliefs

  • the seven planes of existence

  • removing curses, entities, psychic hooks

  • guardian angel readings

  • future readings

  • retrieving soul fragments

  • healing defective genes

  • how to manifest

  • and much more.


On completion, you will be a certified ThetaHealing DNA Practitioner.


Contact me  to find out more about the Basic DNA course, or register your interest now (payment will be processed after confirmation).

"Thanks for a truly wonderful weekend - I learnt so much - it was very empowering and revealing and fascinating.

You're a wonderful and gifted teacher and healer and I can't wait for the Advanced Course"


  - MM

Enquire about this class using the form below, or call 

0431 740 156.

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