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Dig Deeper

Duration: 2 days


Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA


Cost: $550, plus $60 deposit


Next course: 19, 20 October 2024

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Dig Deeper is a powerful, 2 day workshop on the ThetaHealing® Technique of ‘digging’. In this class you will learn how to dig more effectively and confidently.


You will gain a deeper understanding of one of the most important processes in Theta Healing, digging.

Digging is the tool we use to get to the subconscious bottom or key core belief which holds a problem or issue in place. When we identify these beliefs we can then clear them, allowing deep healing.


The secret to successful healing is in the digging process!

This exceptional class focuses on 8 different approaches or shortcuts to digging to the key core belief, and on important tips and techniques of digging.


Contact me to find out when the next course is taking place, book your place, or find out more.


Wow!! What an amazing weekend! Thank you so much Jenner, the Dig Deeper course was fantastic! It was deep, profound, taught me a lot about myself and others and has really helped me to expand and develop as a Theta healer. At first I thought the Dig Deeper course would be confronting but as the day progressed and we started to do the exercises in class, I became instantly comfortable and felt safe and empowered! 

Thank you so much Jenner

YBS Pt Cook

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