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Newsletter - Volume 1 Edition 2

Theta Freedom

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Quotes from Vianna Stibal, Founder of Theta Healing and Baba Ramdas

'It is time that we begin to accept our power'

'Each person is like a jewel. Some are like a diamond in the rough that need to be polished. Others glitter even in the Darkness'

'Healings and readings are based upon the power of controlled and focused thought'

'One of the things that you must remember when you are working with the subconscious is that you have to use words the subconscious understands'

'Absolutely eliminate the word 'try' instead you need to say 'I'm going to do this. Full stop'

'Words, either spoken out loud or voiced in thought form, have an incredible effect upon our daily lives'

'If we can send a microwave through the air that permits us to communicate with cell phones, it stands to reason that our brain can act in a similar way'

'Every adversity - every difficult situation or heartbreak - has within it the seeds of equal or greater benefit' Baba Ramdas

Upcoming Classes

Basic DNA 19, 20, 21 August 2022

Advanced Theta Healing 8, 9, 10 October 2022

Dig Deeper 19, 20 November 2022

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Jenner Miller
Theta Healing Master

+61 431 740 156

Theta Freedom
Ashburton, Melbourne

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