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Feeling stressed? 😰

When stressed our ‘Flight, fight or freeze’ response kicks in, when relaxed and happy we let go and are in ‘rest, digest and heal’. (These are the 2 nervous systems - the sympathetic and parasympathetic). How can you get to ‘rest and digest and heal’, specially when you are feeling uptight and stressed? When we are in the middle of a pandemic? Try breathing slowly and deeply, meditation, yoga, stretching, sighing, yawning, singing and chanting, exposure to cold, gargling, massage, laughter and exercise. These are simple ways to feel more relaxed, happier, and less stressed, by stimulating the vagus nerve. It might sound too simplistic, but it has been shown to really work. Check it out on your favourite search engine.

Theta Healing is also a great way of identifying and clearing the underlying causes of stress and trauma in the first place.


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